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A*B Arms SBR Grip T*Grip, Tavor Forward Grip, Black

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American Built Arms Company SBR Grip T*Grip, Tavor Forward Grip, Black

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American Built Arms Company presents the A B Arms T Grip designed and engineered for the TAVOR® SAR. They saw that the TAVOR® SAR had limited accessories and the ones that were available through other parts manufacturers were actually designed for AR-15s (and other rifle platforms) and coincidentally worked on the TAVOR®. American Built Arms Company saw some subtle issues and decided to design and manufacture a vertical grip specifically for the TAVOR®.


– Prevents index or middle finger from getting “pinched” in the gap between the lip and grip, which is a common complaint with other grips on the market.
– Patent pending ergonomic design gives positive control of the TAVOR®. Prevents unwanted rotation which can be found in circular vertical grips.
– Length is shorter than most vertical grips keeping it low profile.
– Slight inward angle lessens chance of catching on clothing and gear.
– Made of a polymer composite material with two bolt attachments providing extra strength.
– Designed & manufactured in the USA by a veteran owned company.
– AA and CR123 battery compartment.
– Fits on any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail.

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