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Earthquake could destroy L.A.’s water lifeline

Editors note: The Following article, although localized to the Southern California region still highlights the importance a water supply can have for major cities.  A regional disaster, no matter the cause, can have similar detrimental effects for the most basic human need, water.

by, Rosanna Xia & Rong-Gong Lin II, Los Angeles Times | December 15, 2014

Los Angeles gets 88% of its water from three major aqueducts, flowing from the Colorado River, Owens Valley and the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

But as they make their way into the region, the aqueducts cross the San Andreas fault a total of 32 times.

Officials have long warned that a massive temblor on the San Andreas could destroy key sections of the aqueducts, cutting off the water supply for more than 22 million people in Southern California.

L.A. officials are for the first time taking concrete steps to address the problem. Making L.A.’s water supply less vulnerable in a huge quake will probably cost billions, and it remains unclear where that money would come from.

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